You need communications at your event

Well planned event communications means a successful event.

When considering a conference venue, it’s understandable that you require a venue with WiFi.  Your production team need to stay in touch, your delegates need access to email and VPN and trade stands need PDQs and Internet access.

However, the majority of hotels that offer WiFi only have a public WiFi service running over a single broadband line.  This is adequate for a handful of business people in the bar but not for 100 delegates in a coffee break all trying to check email. We have developed a checklist for organisers to ask the venue to make sure that they can provide what you need.

Max WiFi work very closely with hotels and venues and can offer a true “Office away from the Office“.  We can provide Broadband services to meet your requirements and can run cabling to all areas of the venue to ensure WiFi coverage.

We can provide telephony using our Voice over IP service which means that you can enjoy a reliable telephone system.

Best of all, you won’t receive a telephone bill at the end of the event!


Working with our partners at JT Productions – providers of great audio visual services to the event industry –  we can even provide the stage set, lighting and production if needed.

Contact the Max WiFi team now to discuss your event requirements.