Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage solution is an effective, cutting-edge method for communicating your message to your audience. It can provide you with significant cost savings and flexibility over traditional signage. Indeed, it can be cost neutral if you replace the traditional option with this cutting edge event technology.

Our event digital signage solution is a robust, multimedia, multi-zoned solution capable of displaying stored media and live media.

You can provide live, real-time content, including:

Live Speaker Video Feeds
Live video of keynote and conference speeches can be distributed around your event to other screens.
Conference Agendas
Real time updates of conference agendas can be sent around the event to ensure your audience doesn’t miss out on content should there be any late changes.
Real Time Auditorium capacity Information
Live auditorium capacity information. You can display this information around your event or you can use it as a method to advertise upcoming speaker sessions. Once an auditorium is full, we can send that live content to other screens in areas such as cafes and bars.
Twitter Feeds
Edited Twitter Feeds displaying your hash tag can be displayed alongside content. Our team can also edit out any unwanted tweets.
Event Floor plans and maps
Floor plans showing exactly where delegates need to go.
Exhibitor Lists and Stand Information
Provide exhibitor information to your visitors and details on what the exhibitors will be demonstrating.
Sponsorship and Adverts
The ability to sell advertising space and sponsorship packages on the screens throughout the event.
Emergency Information
Nearest exits and fire assembly point information can be instantly sent to all screens on your event.