Outdoor Events

Max WiFi can work with your team to supply you with suitable connectivity for whatever roadshow you may be running. Temporary bandwidth can be difficult to supply but we have options in the form of ADSL, Satellite or 3G/4G technologies.


Max WiFi are UK specialists in providing temporary broadband for short term use at national events.  We work very closely with a number of telecom and Broadband providers ensuring we can supply the best solution to meet your requirements.

The services that we deliver are all provided on a one month contract to keep the cost down for you and range from standard platforms to Local Loop Unbundled services to provide the highest speeds available.

We understand that your temporary broadband requirements for an event will generally focus on the upload speed and not the download speed.

If you have 100 members of the media on-site they will be uploading or sending information to the Internet so the critical part of the network is the upload.

We can also “bond” and “aggregate” multiple lines together delivering a single network with much bigger upload bandwidth capacity which is great for Webcasting or streaming.

Max WiFi are more than happy to manage the installation of lines and broadband for you and leave the rest to you if you wish.

Max WiFi receive event requests from all over the world and generally they service these requests with Broadband or Leased Line services.  However there are times when it is impossible to install standard services due to timescales or physical location.

3G / 4G Connectivity

Max WiFi have designed and built a system to provide an instant Internet solution anywhere in the UK.  A Peli case containing 3G routers, load balancing equipment and a WiFi Access Point provides a solution that simply needs to be plugged in… and that’s it…..

Supporting 4-8 users with web browsing and email access,  the unit is supplied with a selection of 3G Sims to make sure that you are able to access the strongest 3G service in your area.

The 3G rapid response unit is very useful for those first few days on-site whilst you wait for other services to be installed.  It can even be installed as part of a more traditional copper or fibre deployment so that when the new network goes live,  you are seamlessly integrated into that network with no changes to your system settings.


We can supply temporary connectivity via a Satellite solution, which can provide speeds of up to 20Mbps download and 6Mbps upload. This is a great method to supplying bandwidth for festivals or rural events where ADSL speeds are poor and 3G connectivity can be overwhelmed. We can also use the event satellite for fast deployment of Internet services whilst we install a complete cabled network if build schedules are short. Equally, we are able to use the Satellite as a back up solution to standard services should the need arise.