Terms & Conditions

Quotations are valid for 30 days from date of issue. Max WiFi reserves the right to review all quotations beyond 30 days from issue.

Should you not be able to respond to this quote with a valid purchase order prior to the specified deadline date, please alert Max WiFi as soon as possible. A Max WiFi engineer will not be scheduled until a purchase order has been submitted. Failure to return by the deadline may result in Max WiFi being unable to support your event and additional surcharges may be applied to your event booking.

The customer is not permitted to attach any additional networking devices without prior consent from Max WiFi. Should devices be detected additional charges will apply.
Due to the nature of the Internet and a variety of factors that may impact network performance, we cannot guarantee bandwidth to any individual device.
Any changes to the confirmed order after signed contract has been received need to be agreed in writing with Max WiFi and may incur additional charges.

Charges will apply where a Max WiFi Device has proved connectivity to work.
Max WiFi does not accept liability for any equipment hired to the customer that is lost or damaged. All equipment is checked prior to dispatch to ensure it is in good working order. Any lost or damaged equipment will be charged to the customer accordingly.

Max WiFi is not liable to the customer in any way for any damage, expense, claim, cost or loss (whether direct or indirect) suffered or borne by the customer, caused or arising out of the customer using their own equipment on the Max WiFi network.
Any alteration to this contract must be notified in writing.

Max WiFi will ensure that the Customer is able to use the Services from the opening time of the first day of the Event; and will disconnect the Services on the final day of the Event, within one hour from the official closing time.

When specified in the quote, the Customer will pay the agreed deposit within the specified time. The Customer will make payment of the agreed remaining fees in full including VAT upon completion of the event.

The Customer will ensure that administrator access can be provided to any device that is connected to the Max WiFi network, so as to ensure that all network settings can be correctly configured.

The customer shall ensure that any device not supplied by Max WiFi is pre-configured. Max WiFi accepts no responsibility for configuration or any faults associated with or arising from non-configured Customer equipment.
The Customer shall be responsible for all electrical power and power distribution required for the service provided by Max WiFi.

The Customer shall be responsible for the protection of their own privacy and the security of their own systems that connect with the services from Max WiFi. The Customer shall also respect the privacy of others and other Customers’ systems that are facilitated in any way by Max WiFi.

The Customer shall not attempt to interfere with the Services provided by Max WiFi to any other Customer. This includes without limitation, “flooding” of networks and systems, deliberate attempts to overload a service or “crash” a system and/or wireless/radio interference with the Max WiFi wireless/radio-based services.

The Customer shall not use any kind of program / script / command / automated tool, or send messages of any kind, designed to interfere with the use of the Services by another customer, via any means, locally or by any other service network such as the Internet, Public Phone, Data or other network or service.

The Customer shall bring these Terms and Conditions to the attention of any of its agents and / or contractors. In the event that an appointed agent and / or contractor fails to meet any of the terms and conditions set herein, the Customer will be held liable for any such failure.

Max WiFi may terminate the Contract by verbal or written notice with immediate effect if, the Customer is in breach of any of its obligations under the Contract and/or the Terms and Conditions, due to an event of Force Majeure Max WiFi is prevented, delayed or hindered (or Max WiFi reasonably considers that it will be prevented, delayed or hindered) from carrying out any of its obligations under the Contract, the Customer gives notice to its creditors or any of them that they have suspended or are about to suspend payment of they are unable to pay their debts.

If the Client cancels the Event and hence the need for the Company’s services, such cancellation to be by written notice to the Company and only to take effect when received by the Company. When such cancellation notice is given at less than thirty working days the full balance of the Payment (if not already paid) shall immediately be paid by the Client to the Company and no reimbursement of any Payment received shall be due from the Company to the Client. When notice of such cancellation is received giving more than a thirty working days’ notice, then the Company will reimburse the Payment (less the Deposit) at the rate of ten per cent for each additional complete weeks’ notice given up to a maximum of one hundred per cent.

The Company reserves the right to cancel this contract if, a. the balance of the Payment has not been received by the Company by the date specified in the quote or b. due to circumstances beyond the control of the company including but not limited to war, terrorism, riot, industrial dispute or fire; in such circumstances the Company shall have no liability to refund any part of the Payment to the Client.

Max WiFi shall have the right to suspend the Services or any part there of with immediate effect if there is reason to suspect breach of the Contract, or any misuse or fraud being carried out on the telephone, internet or any other service provided by Max WiFi

Max WiFi shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss of profits, goodwill, revenue or opportunity or for any consequential or indirect loss (even if any such loss was reasonably foreseeable) suffered by the Customer howsoever caused.

Max WiFi does not accept liability for any service disruption or outage related to a failure by upstream providers, i.e. Internet service providers or Telecommunications providers.

The Fees and all other sums due under the Contract are expressed to be exclusive of VAT which the Customer shall pay at the prevailing rate at the same time as payment of the Fees and other charges;

Unless otherwise specified in the Contract, all payments under this Agreement shall be paid directly into our bank account.

The Customer shall pay any such monies due within the due date specified on the quote; If any payment is overdue for a period of more than thirty (30) days Max WiFi may either suspend the provision of the Services or terminate the Contract; If the Customer fails to pay Max WiFi on time, Max WiFi may charge interest at 5% per annum above the base rate of the Bank of England on any late payments. Such interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until payment is received (whether before or after judgement); Max WiFi reserves the right to refuse to process any subsequent orders until payment for previous Services has been received.

Any complaints in respect of the provision of the Services will not be accepted by Max WiFi only following due notification of such complaints in writing during business hours at the offices of Max WiFi. Please also note that all claims, disputes and complaints must be brought within seven (7) days of the breakdown of the Event.