The cost associated with company conferences and meetings are rocketing, flying in people from across the world for a two or three day event can often put paid to those very important face to face meetings that we all need.

Thankfully Max WiFi have an answer for that as well.  Event Webcasting.

Max WiFi work very closely with a specialist Audio Visual company to provide professional Webcast solutions.

With excellent in-house studio facilities, Max WiFi can offer a venue for Webcasting to your audience across the world as well as providing an HD copy of your broadcast to take with you at the end of the event.

Our “Live webcasts” can offer, live messaging to the studio or event and voting for all members of the on line audience.

Should your event be booked at another venue, that isn’t a problem either.  Max WiFi will arrange a high speed Internet feed to be provided at the venue and bring the entire studio to you.  Cameras, sound, lighting and crew can all be provided as part of the solution so that your audience can stay at their desks and watch from the office.