WIFI & Wired Internet Connectivity

Max WiFi can provide your event with reliable, cutting edge Internet connectivity. We can provide you with a bespoke enterprise-grade solution to suit the needs of your event to ensure your delegates are connected throughout the time they spend with you.

Reliable WiFi is key to any event and should the WiFi fail then the event can also fail. You need to ensure that your WiFi is reliable, scalable and fast. This is where we can help you.

Max WiFi can create a bespoke solution designed around the needs of your event. If there is no bandwidth in place then we can deliver reliable bandwidth under tight timescales. Max WiFi are experts in the provision of Wireless technologies and help guide you through the minefield of supplying connectivity to hundreds if not thousands of end users, all of whom most probably have up to three devices each. We have supplied WiFi connectivity some extremely tough RF environments but we have proven that if planned correctly then Event WiFi can successfully work.

That is why today they pride themselves on the level of expertise that they bring to an event.  They not only conduct WiFi spectrum surveys and general site surveys but also consider everything else that may be brought on to site such as mobile kitchens (did you know that Microwave ovens affect WiFi)?  They can work with you to ensure that the WiFi meets the needs of the varying users on site and to also control passwords and access speeds as well.

They have delivered events from 10 – 2000 people and understand the importance of getting it right first time.